March 23, 2009

Remember: Nobody Knows Anything.

The speculation about the draft is really starting to heat up, and among Seahawks fans, battle lines are being drawn about who Seattle should draft at #4. Stafford! Crabtree! Trade down and get Moreno! Take an offensive tackle!

On draft day, no matter who we pick, there will be a lot of Seahawks fans who HATE that decision. They will go to all corners of the internet and decry how "TIMMAY" has doomed the Seahawks to a decade of Lions-level ineptitude, and call for Paul Allen to sack the entire front office.

I'm here to remind y'all of something: No matter how much research YOU do, no matter how knowledgeable NFL scouts & GMs are, the draft is still a total crapshoot. Sure, some players look like safer bets than others, but NO ONE knows how these players will turn out as pros.

There were prominent scouts and "experts" who believed that Ryan Leaf would be a better NFL QB than Peyton Manning. Tom Brady and Matt Hasselbeck were sixth round picks, etc... I'm embarrassed to say that I wrote this after the Seahawks drafted Lofa Tatupu:

So we trade two fourth round picks to move up nine slots to take: Lofa Tatupu??? We couldn’t get him at 54? We couldn’t have gotten him in the third round? We passed up Matt Roth and Dan Cody??? I know that Mosi Tatupu was a bad ass, but why why why??? Kiper himself says that we could have gotten him in round 5.. FUCK FUCK FUCK! He may very well be a solid player, but not a value pick at all.. Ugh.

So keep this in mind if you're tempted to attack the VMAC with torches and pitchforks after Ruskell "screws up" the draft.. Even if he does, you won't know for a few years anyway. No one will.


Lori Thompson said...

Jeez, there you go being sensible again. I can't stand the TIMMAY posters, so annoying with their "knowitallishness." Please.


Aaron Weinberg said...

I feel ya, DKSB. How many of these writers have ever played in the NFL? How many can accurately scout a prospect?