March 11, 2009

Would you trade the #4 pick for Jay Cutler?

Noted Seahawks backer Captain Caveman delivers again on KSK today, taking the Broncos to task for royally frakking things up with franchise QB Jay Cutler.. The key passage:

My point is, Jesus CHRIST I would LOVE to have this guy taking snaps for my team for the next 7 years. And so would Vikings fans. And Jets fans. And Titans fans. And Raiders fans. And any of the other teams who are living with Trent Edwards. Kyle Orton. Fucking Dan Orlovsky.

This shit blows my mind. Do they not realize how rare and wonderful a real, live, young, GOOD quarterback is? Hell, Ben Roethlisberger’s won two Super Bowls, and Pittsburgh fans are still justifiably terrified when he holds on to the ball for more than three seconds.

And why would the Lions or the Seahawks or anyone else risk drafting Matthew Stafford — a great prospect, but obviously unproven — with their #1 pick when they could trade that pick and some other parts for a rare proven commodity?

Regular readers know that I'm a radical Hasselbeck loyalist, but if Cutler could handle sitting behind Beck for two more years, he'd be ready to take over in 2011 at age 28 with very little wear and tear and a loooong career in front of him. Or, if you want to be cutthroat about it, it would be nice to have Cutler around if Hass suffered a horrible injury or a sudden erosion of his skill set.

Obviously, this has almost zero chance of happening.. but here's the question: If you were running the Hawks, would you trade our #4 pick for Cutler? Why? Why not?


frinklin said...

Of course I do. While Cutler seems to be a bit of a whiny, petulant dick, he's still better than all but about a half-dozen quarterbacks out there.

And while I too love the Hass, if I get Cutler, I put out a feeler to see what I can get get for him. Hasselbeck's career is only going in one direction, and if you have a talented, experienced 26-year old, you don't sit him down.

Mitten said...

I'd do it and never look back. Not a lot of players available at No. 4in the draft who could contribute right away and be a cornerstone guy. I love The Hass as much as the next guy, but he's become Mr. Brittle.

Mind of no mind said...

I'd do it in a heartbeat. I really like Matt, and I'd really feel bad seeing him get blindsided with a trade right now, but for the long term success of the team, we'd have to do it. Cutler is already familiar with the WCO, and he is young and healthy. Anytime you talk about the upcoming season for the Hawks, it seems almost mandatory to add the disclaimer "if Hasselbeck stays healthy" before predicting any great success. With Cutler I dont think you have that issue.

If we landed Cutler, we could probably get a 2nd rounder for Matt allowing us to get a quality center or guard with our original pick, and a saftey with our new pick.

Also, I have a lot of cousins in Denver, and I'd LOVE to be able to taunt them with that trade.

Mark said...

I'd definitely make that trade. This draft has gone from massively hyped (back around bowl season in December and January) to stinkola in a matter of weeks. First Sam Bradford and Taylor Mays return to school, then Andre Smith tanks, then Knoshown Moreno, Beanie Wells and Malcolm Jenkins run sub-standard 40's. Then Crabtree gets diagnosed with a broken foot, etc. The swap is a bargain in any year, but it's especially so in this year.

Also, I agree with Franklin; if they make this deal, Cutler starts, and Hass almost certainly has to go. The cap hit alone would be murder, for one thing. Also, Hass deserves a chance to start for someone. We did it for Trent Dilfer, we'd have to do it for Matthew. I'm actually thinking we'd have to settle for a 3rd or 4th round pick, given Hass' age and injury history last year.

One thing I DON"T want to see is the Seahawks publicly negotiating for Cutler only to see the deal fall through. A pissed off Hass is the last thing we need right now.