March 1, 2009

Holy Crap! Someone Posted the 1990 Win at Arrowhead on YouTube!

Some Good Samaritan named MaverickBradMPX has posted the ENTIRE 17-16 Seahawks win at Arrowhead from 1990 on YouTube... Here's the amazing climax, which includes what may still be the greatest play in Seahawks history.. Enjoy it before the NFL gets it taken down!


Alan said...

I could watch that over and over again. Got to treasure those wins at Arrowhead!

Anonymous said...

great to see ol' Marty Shockenwhiner losin' his shit!

Brad James said...

Hey Seahawks fans, this is MaverickBradMPX, with one of my other names. I love the Broncos more than anyone but as you can tell I like the Seahawks as well. You guys are classy and now that we don't share a division, I can hope for you to do well.