March 11, 2009

Fearless Prediction: We Will Open the Season on MNF at Arizona

The 2009 NFL schedule comes out in less than a month, and if previous years are any indication, we'll find out the primetime and national games for kickoff weekend even sooner.

Based on current trends, the Seahawks should open the season at Arizona as the back end of ESPN's MNF doubleheader. Why do I think this?

1. The Super Bowl loser almost always gets a prime-time game on Kickoff weekend (unless you are the Seahawks, of course).

2. The "late" game in the MNF doubleheader has always involved two western division teams.

3. It has alternated between an AFC West or NFC West divisional match-up each year, and the NFC West is "up" in 2009.

So, Arizona is highly likely to open at home in the back end of the ESPN MNF doubleheader. Why will Seattle be the opponent?

Because the other options are the Rams and Niners (also, they put Cards/Niners in this spot in 2007 already), and the Housh signing has given the Hawks at least a LITTLE buzz this offseason.

So pencil it in, y'all: Seahawks at Cardinals, Monday 9/7/09, 7:30 pacific time.


Aaron Weinberg said...

The perfect arena for the Seahawks to open their undefeated season.

Anonymous said...

This is sound logic.