March 8, 2009

With the 4th pick in the NLN Mock Draft, DKSB selects...

Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

I don't really like college football. Any sport that doesn't have a playoff system won't easily win my attention or respect, so I don't follow the game that closely. Under normal circumstances, I'd tell you that blogs like Field Gulls, Seahawk Addicts or Seahawks Draft Blog could give you a better, more informed opinion than I could.

But these are not normal circumstances, and Michael Crabtree is not a typical player. Even after addressing our desperate need at WR by signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Seattle will select the best player available: The game-breaking Crabtree.

As an NFC West fan, I get to watch Larry Fitzgerald torch my Seahawks twice a year. In 2008, I got the added bonus of watching Fitz almost carry Arizona to a World Championship. Housh isn't Fitz. Neither is Branch or Burleson... Hell, even Steve Largent wasn't the dominant big-play threat that Fitzgerald is right now.

Even with his foot surgery, and even after being revealed as 6'1" instead of 6'3", drafting Crabtree is the best shot the Seahawks will have over the next few years to get "their Fitzgerald."

Selecting Crabtree isn't just a "build for the future" move, either. With Housh across from him, a (hopefully) healthy Branch in the slot, budding Pro-Bowler John Carlson at TE, and Matt Hasselbeck throwing the ball, Crabtree could make an immediate impact as Seattle's "home run" threat.

The Seahawks aim to return to the top of the NFC West in 2009. Michael Crabtree is the player most likely to help make that happen in this year's draft class.

What do you think, sirs?

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Aaron Weinberg said...

I'd be very happy with that selection.

Mind of no mind said...

I'm pretty torn on this pick. Like you, I don't pretend like I know much about college football, so I'm kind of going off what I've been reading on various Seahawk blogs. Everything I've read has suggested that Jason Smith would be the perfect fit for our zone blocking scheme, but most people project the Rams getting him at the 2 spot.

If he were to fall to the number 4 spot, and both him and Crabtree were on the board, Jason Smith would be the pick that would leave me feeling content to go about my day knowing that our O-line is in good shape for years to come. But the Crabtree pick would have me pacing around the house all day and lying awake in bed at night, pondering the possibilities.

I don't know which one would be better, but I'll be very happy if we get either.