March 7, 2009

Qwest Hosting MLS Cup... How does this affect the Seahawks?

Next Season Sports has a story on Seattle being awarded the 2009 MLS Cup, and in addition to being a coup for the Sounders, it's of note to Seahawks fans because of the date: Sunday November 22nd. Unless the Hawks end up with the MNF game that week, cross another fall weekend off the list of potential Seahawks home dates...

Remember that the Sounders have home games on Saturday Sept. 19 and Saturday Oct. 24... For now, I'm working under the assumption that the Seahawks are probably not going to have home games those weekends.

My question is: How does this work? Is MLS just picking the dates they want before the NFL puts out its schedule and forcing the Seahawks to adapt? Is there some co-ordination between the leagues/franchises that share Qwest or not?

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Chris Sullivan said...

Hey DKSB, good work on the blog as always.

I imagine that the Sounders/MLS got the sign off from the NFL early. I imagine the two leagues work together in the same way that the MLB and NFL do in cities that share stadiums. No Mariners home game and Seahawks home game ever fell on the same day in the Kingdome, that sort of thing.