July 20, 2009

As Usual, Schrutebag Knows Two Things: Jack and Shit.

There are about a million reasons I don't listen to sports talk radio... Colin Cowherd embodies most of them. Apparently, on Friday dude was talking shit about The Big Show (who, unless he ever becomes Pittsburgh's head coach, is beyond criticism in my book). Schrutebag accused Holmgren of "mailing it in" last year, which is total bullplop.

Does this stupid dickbag even WATCH the games? I didn't see the Walrus mailing it in against DC... or New England.. or the Rams.. or the Jets.. etc. My point? Even though the team was battered and downtrodden, they didn't quit. They didn't run for the bus. THAT is coaching, my friends. Holmgren will eventually be in the Hall of Fame based on that skill set. Unless there's a Hall of Fame for weasel-faced asstards, Schrutebag aint getting enshrined anywhere.

Remember kids, sports talk radio kills brain cells. You may as well eat lead paint chips... Just don't do it, y'all.

UPDATE: Where have you gone, Fire Joe Morgan? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

1 comment:

Zem said...

Colin Cowherd and 710 ESPN in Seattle has singlehandedly driven me from listening to sports talk radio.

I really hate that arrogant shit.