September 7, 2008

Bills 34, Seahawks 10

What else can be said about that completely humiliating performance? I'll try to be positive here...

-It was a non-conference loss, which won't hurt us in playoff tiebreakers.

-Since this isn't the EPL, we're in no danger of being relegated to the arena leagues.

-Same train of thought: No matter how bad that game was, it only makes us 0-1.

-The 2005 Hawks lost thier opener, and the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants started an ugly 0-2 last year... Teams evolve over a season.

-Next week the Hawks get to come home to Qwest and take out thier frustrations on the Niners.

If they lay an egg next week against SF? Then I'll start freaking out a bit.


Mark said...

This was one of those games that would drive a man to drink. I guess the only good news is that Nate Burleson's injury looks like a sprain, but I guess we'll find out more about that tomorrow. The way he went down didn't look good.

I was talking to Natalie yesterday about how I was kind of feeling pessimistic about this game. How would the young receivers respond? Would Julius Jones finally show something? The results, obviously, did not inspire a lot of confidence, and the thought of starting Courtney Taylor, Jordan Kent and Logan Payne next week against the Niners last week, I'm hoping our defense can keep us in it. Face it, this is a flawed team right now, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. I know that eventually we're going to get Engram and Branch back, but until then I'm going to be on pins and needles.

I guess if there is a bright spot, it's that John Carlson looked pretty good. (I'm feeling sort of glad I picked him up for my fantasy league team...) Maybe when the veterans come back full strength the experience he gets early in the season will speed up his development.

Oh, and if I were Ryan Plackemeier and special teams coach Bruce DeHaven, I'd keep my bags packed, just in case...

Anonymous said...

Yep, agreed. At least the rest of the division looked like ass.

Robert Gomes said...

My concern is not with this loss per se -- but the continued inability of this team to be able to effectively run the ball. Maurice Morris, Julius Jones = nothing much. I thought the addition of Wahle and the continuing development of Spencer/Sims would have helped things. Still too early to tell, but I am a little worried.

Alexander must be grinning somewhere.

Rob in Canada,

Who took a whole lot of shit on Sunday from the Bill fans at the game.

Stupidest comment of the game "Yeah go the fuck home to your Starbucks coffee and win your shitty ass division."

Me: "At least we consistently win our shitty ass division. The Bills who have to face the elite Jets and 'Phins 4 times a year haven't won a division in centuries!!!!"