September 1, 2008

We Better Be #1!

This Saturday night at 6 pm Seattle time, the NFL Network is doing another "Top 10" show... This time it's "Top 10 Home Field Advantages." Here's the description on Directv's programming guide:

"Ranking of the best fields to play at home including Qwest Field in Seattle, Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia and Lambeau Field in Green Bay"

One way to define "home field advantage" is to just tally a team's home record over a given period. However, a relatively mellow/fair-weather base can luck into a dominant team (Patriots in recent years) and a great, intimidating environment can be blunted by a crap team on the field (Arrowhead Stadium). Here's what I'd rate as the 5 biggest home-field advantages in today's NFL:

5. Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
4. Lambeau Field, Green Bay
3. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
2. Mile High Stadium, Denver
1. Qwest Field, Seattle


12thMANforever said...

I wouldn't count on it... NFL is as any other sports network known for it's East Coast bias opinion. You will probably see Qwest Field in the middle. Don't get me wrong, I truly believe we have the best but just don't think you'll get the same thought from the big national networks.

Forrest said...

I didn't catch the broadcast. Where did we rank?