September 16, 2008

Let the hate flow through you

-"All that hate is gonna burn you up, kid"
-"It keeps me warm"

Powers Boothe & C. Thomas Howell in Red Dawn

As a Red Sox fan, I know all about learning to intensely hate players I used to love. Roger Clemens? Dead to me. Johnny Damon? Ditto. As Bill said, there are consequences to breaking the heart of a sports fan (ok, he actually said "murderous bastard," but there really isn't THAT much difference between the two).

So Josh "no slave to the businessman" Brown returns on Sunday, and I only wish I had kept his jersey long enough to wear it to the game, strip it off in front of him and throw it in his fat little cornhusker face. I don't want anyone to get thrown out of Qwest on Sunday, but we have to make this greedy little bastad uncomfortable... Throw dollar bills at him... Have a (well organized and controlled) bonfire of his old jerseys in the parking lot... Remind him that he couldn't close the deal with Carrie Underwood... Whatever it takes, y'all.

The lesson? Never develop a man crush on a kicker. It just aint gonna turn out well.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Dude, I feel your pain. I burned my Viniateri jersey when that weaselly little shit fled to Hoosierland.