September 24, 2008

Don't EVER take the playoffs for granted... Enjoy this Golden Age

My Boston Red Sox clinched a playoff spot for the 5th time in six years yesterday, and combined with the Seahawks run of five straight playoff appearances, I've clearly been blessed by the sporting gods lately.

It's really easy to devalue winning the NFC West year after year, but there was a time when we were lost in the NFL wilderness. Playoffs? How about a full decade without January football? That was the reality for Seattle back in The Lost '90s.

A fifth consecutive NFC West title isn't a given this year, but goddamn it... this team is going to earn it. Won't it be sweet to clinch at Glendale on the last day of the regular season and shut up all those Cardinals "fans?" Of course our goals are higher than a division crown, but that by itself is still something to be proud of.

Here's to a Red October and Blue February, y'all!

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