September 22, 2008

DKSB sez: Thumbs Down on New Qwest End Zones

In my humble opinion...

So Good:

No Good:

I can't really adequately explain why, but I HATE the new design of the end zones at Qwest. I miss the white-letters-on-blue look, and I'm assuming the change has something to do with making it easier to convert the field to "Sounders FC" mode after football season.

If I was going to have my way, one end zone would say "Seattle" and the other would say "Seahawks." At the least, if they are going to have green end zones, they should be this color:

Embrace the blinding Seahawks green, y'all! :-]


Misfit said...

I didn't know they change the end zones. Terrible! They should be Seahawks blue again. That's it! Full-on boycott.

I was thinking of making it up to see the Redskins game, but maybe not after this debacle!

Screw soccer! We don't need our 'Football' stadium looking like soccer-weenies play there.


ctrimis said...

i am kinda annoyed at the change as well. not that it matters once the game starts, but the whole look of the white on blue was so cool. not that this is terrible, i just much prefer the white on blue.