September 22, 2008

Seahawks 37, Rams 13

All of the pics are up on Flickr..

It was a sublime pleasure to watch the Hawks throttle STL at Qwest Field today. Aside from a few isolated plays, this was an utterly dominant performance for the blueshirts in a game they absolutely HAD to win. Now Seattle heads to the bye week only a game out of first place (thanks to Zorn's minions) and with a suddenly competent-to-excellent ground attack.

It's true that STL is without a doubt the worst team in football, but Seattle kept kicking sand in puny Ram faces until the final gun. A whole new level of performance will be needed to beat NYG and the Pack, but this one is worth savoring for a bit.

Some random observations:

-I hit Tailgate Heaven for the first time, and had an absolute blast. If you're ever in the parking lot west of Qwest adjacent to Highway 99, that's where I'll be for pre-game festivities from now on.

-Weirdest jersey choice spotted? Rick Mirer. I hope it was meant ironically.

-Small world alert... after today's game I ran into another fan I met at the Cleveland game last year. Random, no? Poor guy said he was at the Buffalo game two weeks ago... I'm glad the Hawks won today to snap HIS bad stretch of spectating luck.

-I spent WAY too much on Seahawks gear this trip, topped off with a new Kenny Easley throwback jersey. Thanks to my lovely wife for letting me splurge.

-The Rams look destined for about 2-14. I'll relish watching another severe assromping at STL this December in person. Anyone else planning to catch that one? I'm sure there will be plenty of seats available on stubhub.

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