September 9, 2008

Thank God the Niners are coming to town

Players, coaches and the front office must maintain a healthy respect for every opponent, or risk defeat, ruin and humiliation.

As a fan, however, I can tell you how I really feel about the 49ers: I look upon them with sneering, absolute contempt. Nothing about them frightens me in the slightest, and I look forward to the annual ritualistic Qwest Field sacrifice of the lowly Niners this Sunday. Check the AVERAGE score of SF's last four visits to Qwest:

Seahawks 28, 49ers 7

I don't care if Steve Raible has to suit up at flanker... Seattle is going to burninate the Niners this Sunday. They are coached by a fraud in a Reebok suit, and with each pathetic loss they piss all over thier franchise's proud history.

I'm not that concerned about facing a team that has only won 25 of its last 85 games, particularly one led by a journeyman QB making his first start at Qwest Field. I'll let Mr. T sum this one up...

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Natalie said...

So I just saw that Rocky Bernard and Jordan Babineaux have been activated from the reserve/suspended list, which is great news for the Seahawks D. See, it's not all bad news!