September 14, 2008

Uh oh! I've angered the Sarah Palin fan club!

You may have seen some of the, let's say, displeased comments on the previous post.

See, I think this is funny. If Barack Obama did the same thing, I'd call him out on it. The conservatives so upset about this post are dodging an important point:

Does it bother you that Sarah Palin is either

A) not actually a Seahawks fan
B) is actually a Steelers fan
C) is a SHITTY Seahawks fan
D) Couldn't give less of a crap about sports, but is willing to play politics with it?

This sort of thing shouldn't determine who you vote for. Barack Obama is a die-hard Bears fan, and I'm sure he was quite pleased when they beat the Hawks twice back in 2006. I can't stand the Bears, and I'm surrounded by their fans out here in Illinois. I'm still going to vote for Obama for a universe of reasons too extensive to lay out here in detail.

Y'all are free to vote for McCain/Palin, based on any criteria you choose. But doesn't this Seahawks/Steelers thing bother you? Even just a LITTLE bit?

Plus, to the conseravtive readers I've apparently "lost." I'm not doing this for profit. I have no ads and make no money off of this. I'm doing it solely for fun. Thus, I'm not going to edit or censor what I think in an effort to avoid offending people.

One thing we can all agree on: GO SEAHAWKS!

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kmgibb said...

OK, so I haven't stopped reading your blog yet. Truth is, I like it. I think you're a pretty good blogger and I like keep up with my 'Hawks from afar and getting funny insights along the way.

What I don't like is hate-spewing and name-calling. I mean, did you really call her a bitch, then call her Satan, and on top of that wish for her death? Isn't that a little much?

I'm all for good-humored and intelligent smack-talk, but you crossed a line. Also, this has little to do with my political leanings, I just thought it was uncalled for an beneath you.

That being said, I respect what you do and have told many of my Seahawks buddies to check you out. I will probably continue to frequent your space and hopefully contain my emotions a little better when I feel the need to comment.

And yes, we can surely agree on GO SEAHAWKS!