September 8, 2008

Free Seneca Wallace!

With Nasty Nate out for the year, it's time for #15 to move to WR/PR full time. Let's face a harsh truth: If Hass goes down for any significant amount time, the season is mourge-bound anyway. Why not put our best 11 offensive players on the field?

I don't expect Seneca to morph into Steve Largent, but at this point I'd take him becoming Paul Skansi. We have two very winnable home games coming up, and a well-placed bye after that. Wallace will help Seattle much more on the field than sipping gatorade on the bench waiting for Beck to get dinged.

This season can be saved. It's not too late.


Anonymous said...

Losing Nate for the season was worse than losing any other single player on the team. Where is Joe Horn? Is Steve Largent in playing shape? Forget playing shape, anyone who will catch a ball could be our number one now.

JRuss said...

Where's the petition? I'll sign it.