January 28, 2009

Can we assume a Saturday Sounders FC home game means the Hawks hit the road that Sunday?

First of all, I have nothing against the Sounders, or soccer in general. I went to 4 or 5 Columbus Crew games back in my Ohio State grad school days; It was fun enough, particularly on "buck-a-brat" nights.. but I never became more than a casual fan. Seth K. over at Sports Northwest looked over the Sounders 2009 schedule on Wednesday, and two dates jumped out at me:

Saturday September 19: Sounders FC hosts Chivas USA (2 pm)
Saturday October 24: Sounders FC hosts FC Dallas (7:30 pm)

That would be week 3 and week 8 of the 2009 NFL season. Is it safe to assume the Seahawks will be on the road those weekends? I honestly don't know, because I have no clue how hard/time consuming it will be to switch the Qwest Field configuration from Soccer to Football. If they can do it quickly/easily, we may have one or two weekends where Qwest is EXTREMELY busy.. very cool if you are from out of town and want to see both teams play.

Any thoughts/knowledge? Please share...


Seth Kolloen said...

I'll ask the Seahawks how long the conversion process is. I know back when the M's and Hawks shared the Kingdome, the Mariners were real jerks about switching their gametimes to allow for the conversion, and the Seahawks had to move a couple of preseason games from Sunday to Saturday.

DKSB said...

...and the 1984 opener against the Browns (the Curt Warner Knee Explosion game), which had to be moved to Monday night because of the M's schedule.