June 15, 2009

Going Green

I know it's probably a bad idea to talk about anything political on this blog, but whether you are liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat or none of the above... It's clear that the popular will is being brutally suppressed by the Iranian government right now, and that all freedom-loving folks should stand in solidarity with the rightfully elected President and his supporters. One way to do that is to wear green, the color sported by Mousavi and his supporters. Their color wasn't exactly bright neon green, but any Seahawks gear you have in the blinding green should get busted out of the closet forthwith...

Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan has been doing amazing work covering this.. If you don't really know what I'm talking about, The Daily Dish is a good place to start. He's suggested using the following pic as your facebook/twitter profile pic, and that's what I plan to do..

Alright.. back to football.

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