June 20, 2009


A beautiful shot of Qwest Field from Madden 10 (posted by mysportsphotog). Too bad I don't play Madden anymore. Why?

1. Even though I vastly prefer watching the NFL, as video games go NCAA Football is a LOT more fun to play.

2. Back when I did play Madden, I couldn't stand to play the damn game the whole week after a Seahawks loss. It would just remind me of Sunday's debacle and piss me off/depress me.

Side note: I'm still not very pleased about the change from fully painted blue end zones to what we have now. I'm sure it's because of having to share the field with the Sounders, but I still think it looks lame.


Shaun said...

I couldn't agree more about the end zones. Bring back the blue paint!

Anonymous said...

Haha. #2. I couldn't play until about Thursday after a Seahawks loss.