June 26, 2009

We'll always love you, JJ (plus, we never gave you a staph infection... ewww)

Former Seahawk Joe Jurevicius is suing the hell out of the Cleveland Browns, claiming that a staph infection he caught at the Browns' facility contributed to the premature end of his career.

SEVEN Browns have caught staph infections since 2003. Gross... Ick. My antipathy towards the Browns and their organization is well documented, but this whole thing pushes them even further into Bush-league dirtbag status.

Another thing I love about Cleveland fans? They insist that you pretend they aren't a ten-year-old expansion team, and that the Ravens weren't at one time the original Cleveland Browns. It's like they were married to a woman named, oh, let's say... Bernice. Then Bernice left them and moved to Baltimore, where she got gastric bypass, a makeover, a great job and a better husband. Then THEY married Bernice's identical twin sister and INSISTED on calling her Bernice and pretending as if that nasty divorce business never happened. Pathetic.

Anyway, back to Joe J... He'll always have a special place in Seahawks history, even though he was only in Seattle for a single season. But what a season! JJ had career highs in receptions and touchdowns, and was a key contributor in the 2005 Super Bowl run. His two best games for Seattle helped lead to two of the biggest regular season wins in team history. He played in XXXV, XXXVII and XL, and won a ring with the 2002 Bucs.

Not to kick a guy when he's down, but if he had taken the generous offer from Ruskell to stay in Seattle back in 2006, he might still be playing... OUR facility isn't festooned with disgusting, infectious bacteria.

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