June 18, 2009

Mike Singletary is a Blowhard Doucher

I'm supposed to bow in respect to Mike Singletary because he was a great player and yak yak yaks away with tough talk... Sorry, but this is one guy who isn't about to kneel before that bug-eyed failure-in-waiting.

Matt Millen was a great player in his day too. How'd hiring him work out for the Lions? Singletary's record so far as Niners coach leaves me far from impressed. Sure, he went 5-4 after taking over near midseason last year... So? A .555 winning percentage over a small sample of games doesn't exactly give him free reign to blather publicly about Matt Stafford's reaction to his parents' divorce, or almost making his #1 draft pick cry, or guarantee that his his team is headed to the playoffs.

Singletary is good for crazy YouTube rants and Letterman sketches, but hasn't proved his worth otherwise yet as a coach.

Before anyone talks shit about Jim Mora, remember that he's coached a MIKE VICK-led team all the way to the NFC Championship game. Singletary hasn't done jack squat as a head coach in the NFL, and it says here that his tenure in SF will be nasty, brutish and short.

He might as well get ready to drop his pants again on September 20, because the Seahawks are going to give him and his minions another good, hard spanking.

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