June 23, 2009

If he can't make a clutch field goal, how can he protect us from the evildoers?!!?!?

Poor Jay Feely... According to his Twitter, he's a "Christian with political aspirations," and Deadspin has picked up on his "These Things I Believe" tweeting discourse. As Feely wrote:

"I have never said I believed Obama to be a socialist Muslim. It does bother me he is unwilling to defend America's greatness."

..and he went on Sean Hannity's show the other day... He's clearly angling for that post-football political and/or cable pundit career.

Now, I'm a Daily Kos reading, Obama-votin' Lib-rul, so Jay wouldn't be getting my vote anyway... But I have an unpleasant truth for Jay-F: Unless you end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue someday, this is what you'll be remembered for...

Ahhhh... I will never ever get sick of watching that :-]

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