June 16, 2009

Useful Idiots

I grew up hating the Denver Broncos, as I'm sure all y'all over a certain age did too. No team ruined as many of my fall Sundays as the Broncos did when I was growing up... To make things worse, there were WAYYYY too many Denver fans going to school with me in Tri-Cities back in the 80s. I took perverse glee in taunting them after the Broncos took beating after beating in the Super Bowl, but that didn't erase Elway haunting my dreams.

With Elway's retirement and the 2002 realignment, the rivalry has almost completely faded away... But now we have more reason than ever to root against the Donkeys this fall. As you know, we hold Denver's 2010 1st round pick. After the offseason Denver has had, I'm highly confident Seattle will be getting a very high pick.

Let's review...

They chased Shanahan out of town, and are going into battle with a rookie head coach (who clumsily set in motion the events that ran Jay Cutler out of town). They got rid of one of the NFL's best young QBs, are going to trade one of the league's most productive receivers, and have done little to improve the NFL's 30th-ranked defense in 2008.

Sure, maybe a team would want to punt on Marshall given that he apparently likes give his girlfriends the ol' Houston Team Knuckle Sandwich, but dealing the guy gives The Neckbeard one less target.

I've got Denver down for three wins in 2009... They might not be that bad, but I'll be shocked if they don't end up handing us a top-10 pick.

So bust out those Bronco Busters T-shirts.. This fall we're gonna party like it's 1988:


bleedshawkblue said...

Yet another reason to hate the Donkeys!!! Given their management's ability to alienate players and suiting up douchebags the likes of BM (love the initials!) I'd say that 3 wins is a little generous.

I predict they will be the Seahawk feelgood story of the 2010 season - after the 14 - 2 regular season and a 40 point pimpslap margin of victory over the Stealers in the Super Bowl. Which will then be met with absolutely no respect from national media in their attempt to justify how Pittsburgh actually won after getting their asses handed to them on all sides of the ball by the Hawks. And being on the minus side of a 40 point deficit.

Love the content. Nice to see a real opinion that wasn't sanitized for my protection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting that video. Ah, I yelled so loud when he made that hit! Totally revitalized my hatred for the Broncos, especially those Elway teams.