June 29, 2009

Top 10 Seahawks Plays of the Decade

Not much explanation needed here: The 10 best plays of the decade.

10. Shaun Alexander's 88-yard Gallop (2001 v. Raiders)

SA ran for 266 yard that night on SNF, and 88 of them came on this go-ahead, game-sealing touchdown jaunt. Unfortunately I can't find a clip, but I vividly remember SA glancing up at the Husky Stadium jumbotron for a little help avoiding the Oakland Raiders who were in hot pursuit.

9. Nasty Nate's Punt Return (2006 v. Rams)

The Seahawks hadn't scored since before halftime, were trailing 16-14 and were playing like Night of the Living Dead-type zombies. After Nate Burleson's electrifying 90 yard punt return, the Hawks took the lead and started playing like 28 Days Later-type zombies... Rage Virus! Grrrrr!

8. Hass to Hackett in OT (2005 v. NYG)

After Feely's 3rd miss, the Seahawks STILL hadn't gotten anything going on offense for what seemed like half the game... The Hawks finally shifted the game's momentum and struck into Giants territory when Beck threw a perfect downfield strike to DJ Hackett. My favorite part of this play? In the NFL Films footage, you can see Ruskell on the sideline jumping up and down like he just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right.

7. Josh Brown's 54-yard game winner (2006 at STL)

Man, I love the reaction of the Rams fans in that clip... The Seahawk fans celebrating though? Dude... DON'T tuck in your jersey. Massive fail there. Everyone else? Buy some team apparel... yeesh.

As I've said before in this space... The Hawks came back from a 21-7 halftime deficit, overcame a back-breakingly spectacular TD catch by Torry Holt, won on that 54 yard FG at the gun, and made Scott Linehan look like a jabbering idiot.

6. Hass hits K-Rob (2003 at SF)

Needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Hawks spotted SF a 14-0 lead before clawing back into the lead in the 3rd quarter. Matt Hasselbeck made a gorgeous, "drop it in the bucket" throw to a tightly covered Koren Robinson, who, despite his reputation, made a brilliant catch. The Hawks would never trail after than play, and would make the playoffs for only the 2nd time since 1988.

5. Marcus Trufant Pick-6 (2007 Wild Card v. DC)

The Hawks were trying to hold a 21-14 lead in the 2007 playoffs v. DC, and Marcus Trufant made this astounding play to seal the win. Well, that's actually not accurate.. Trufant, assisted by a series of crushing downfield blocks, sealed the win. The only time I've ever heard Qwest louder than that moment was during the 2005 NFC title game...

4. Big Play Babs Intercepts Bledsoe, Sets up JB for the win (2005 v. Dallas)

Josh Brown deservedly gets credit for the game winning FG, but on the previous play Jordan Babineaux stepped in front of a REALLY bad decision by Drew Bledsoe. Not only did he pick it off, but he streaked down the sideline and into field goal range. Not only did he advance the ball into field goal range, but he had the presence of mind to step out of bounds with time remaining on the clock.

3. Romo Drops the Ball, Big Play Babs Brings Him Down (2006 Wild Card Playoff v. Dallas)

Every time I watch that, I'm amazed at the play Babs makes... He leaps over guys, he fights off Gramatica's "block" and tackles Romo INCHES short of a game-clinching first down. Yes, Romo's bobbled snap is what everyone remembers, but if not for BPB, Romo probably picks up that botched snap and scores the game winning TD. How humiliating would THAT have been?

2. Mack Strong Runs Wild (2005 NFC Divisional Playoff v. Washington)

The Seahawks hadn't won a playoff game in 21 seasons, and DC put up enough of a fight to make things tense for all 60 minutes. The Hawks faced a 3rd down in the 4th quarter nursing a 17-10 lead, and Mack Strong tore off 38 yards on a draw play to set up Josh Brown's game-icing FG.

1. Hass to Seneca (2005 NFC Championship Game v. Carolina)

I was at the game, and the eruption of noise after Seneca Wallace hauled in Hasselbeck's perfect pass was among the loudest I've ever heard at Qwest. Coming from the mind of usually conservative coach Mike Holmgren, the deep pass to our back-up QB said "I am holding nothing back to get this team to the mother f@*kin' Super Bowl." It doesn't hurt that Wallace made a sensational over-the-shoulder grab to beat former Hawk Ken Lucas. In the biggest NFL game ever played in Seattle, the Hawks dominated from this moment on.


Misfit said...

I witnessed in person play #10 on your list. Husky Stadium at night surrounded by Raiders fans, we were the ones doing the talking. It was cool to watch Tim Brown and Jerry Rice warm up, but Shaun destroyed, steamrolled, and punished the hapless team in black that day. Great times.

Zem said...

Speaking of number 10 on the list, I was in the west end zone, and right when Shaun was about to cut, I saw the hole open and started shrieking, "Its open! Its open!" 88 yards later, I'd say it was open.