June 26, 2009

Rampant Idiocy/Ignorance over on Pro Football Talk

I've slammed PFT in this space before, but today's blather from Florio and his commenters reached a new level of Frito-in-Idiocracy stupidity.

I'm not going to link to him anymore, but he RIPPED T.J. Houshmandzadeh for saying this:

“I just want to let everyone know that Matt Hasselbeck and I will be leading the Seahawks to the playoffs this season,” Houshmandzadeh proclaims. “And we’ll be going to the Pro Bowl as a tandem. We’re both going to have top five seasons: He’ll have a top five quarterback season, and I’ll have a top five receiving season. I’ll put up stats I’ve never had before yardswise because they’re allowing me to be a complete receiver.”

Florio laughs this off as the ramblings of a mental patient. I get the distinct feeling that if T.J.'s uniform was any color but gun-metal blue, it wouldn't seem quite as impossible to PFT's grand poopbah. Check the stats:

First, TJ... Over the last three years, he's been 6th, 1st and 7th on the NFL receptions leaderboard. Yeah, totally implausible that he could be in the top five, or in the Pro Bowl like he was in 2007.

What about Hass? As recently as 2007, he was

-In the Pro Bowl
-8th in passing yards
-8th in passer rating
-6th in passing TDs

Florio presents the idea of Hass-to-Housh being a top five passing combo as blatantly ludicrous. Given these numbers, he's the one who clearly has a tenuous grip on reality. I firmly believe that if you blindly gave these numbers to him, without telling him the players in question were Seahawks, he'd reach a different conclusion.

If you want your blood really angried up, go over there and wade through the manure they call the comments section. Yeesh.

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