June 25, 2009

Jeebus, guys... Is it that f@*king hard to hire a driver? Or call a cab? You're rich.

Owen Schmitt is lucky he didn't join Leonard Little or Donte Stallworth among the NFL's ranks of drunk manslaughtering killers Saturday night. According to Danny O'Neil over at The Seattle Times, Schmitt was pulled over for speeding and then blew .151 and .161 on two breathalyzer tests. That's twice Washington's legal limit for those scoring at home.

This time, this clip is unfortunately for one of our own:

In addition to the recklessness of his actions, Schmitt did this IMMEDIATELY after Roger Goodell suspended Stallworth indefinitely for his DUI-related snuffing of another human life. In addition, Goodell sent a message of warning to all NFL players about DUI. Cripes, Owen. On top of everything else, bad timing, dude.

Expect a substantial suspension, if Schmitt is still in the league this fall.

Personally, I say cut his ass and give Justin Griffith his snaps.



Geronimo said...

cutting him might be a little extreme, especially since it'll seem hypocritical with ruskell letting tatupu off the hook for it last season.

DKSB said...

It WOULD be hypocritical, of course. But after this happening AGAIN, someone needs to be made into a cautionary example.

Schmitt aint Tatupu or Hill. He hasn't played at a level to earn any slack from the organization.

In a perfect world, ALL these guys would be SEVERELY punished. But we'd be at the gates of the VMAC with pitchforks and torches if Ruskell unilaterally disarmed by cutting Lofa or Leroy.

Frankly, the best case for Ruskell might be a long suspension, just so the decision is taken out of his hands.

Zem said...

Drunk driving is becoming an epidemic in this country. Its an issue where the law lets it happen again and again. Schmitt should no better, he should thank his lucky stars that he didn't kill someone and get a damn taxi next time.

Eric said...

I say beg Philly to give us Weaver back. This team doesnt seem right without him, like a world without Michael Jackson

DKSB said...

I hate agreeing with Florio, but he's right: Schmitt should be suspended for a year.