September 27, 2008

Thanks, Assholes!

Ugh. As you've likely already heard, some fucking idiots at Seahawks Huddle decided to "joke" about the 9/11 attacks on their message board. If you really want to subject yourself to the content, Deadspin has a story on it.

I'm one inappropriate bastard over here, but that shit makes me look like Angela on The Office (before she started cheating on her fiance with Dwight, I guess). If I am the one saying something is classless and out of bounds, you know it's pretty fucking bad.

I have a close friend whose Dad was in the Pentagon when it got hit (thankfully on the other side of the complex). Another close friend of mine from NY was planning on going to the WTC that morning but his plans changed the night before. I flew cross country on September 10th and was stuck 2500 miles away from my future wife, stunned and terrified like everyone else.

I'm in no position to say that one should never joke about a given subject, but fuck... aren't there about a MILLION other ways to talk shit about the Giants, or about NYC?

So, on behalf of non-fucktarded Seahawks fans everywhere, I apologize to New York, the Giants organization and fans, and the families of the victims. Those Seahawk Huddle turd-eaters do NOT represent us.


Cat Eating Alien said...

I agree it was a stupid thing to say, but why do we need to apologize? Stupid people say stupid things, why is this news? I haven't read anything about the seahawks longer than a one liner before this, now this is their headline story. It's total bullshit that the organization and entire fanbase is getting slandered over this

lordtd said...

What a jackass. Say what you want on your site, but don't talk bullshit like this and attach the Seahawks and their fans to it.

DKSB, I love your phraseology. "Non-fucktarded". That's the first time I've seen that usage. Awesome.