June 28, 2009

New Banner... So Good or No Good?

What do y'all think? That's my amateur stab at it. I welcome anyone's attempt to make a more "professional" looking version... If it looks better, I'll use it and give you mad props in this space.


Anonymous said...

I like the top line. But I really don't think you need the bottom line. I don't like it.

spoonfulofpeter said...

Where did you get the seahawks font? I've actually been messing with a couple different banner layouts in photoshop. I was actually going to do the Harvey Dent challenge you posted a while back, but Katie said she was going to do it.

I like photoshop :)

The only glaring problem for me is that the image is not in it's native resolution. I tooled around with blogger and it seems like there is a "shrink to fit" option for the header. That option makes most everything on the internet look like crap.

And I agree with Jeff, the bottom line isn't really necessary. Most people that come here know why they're here.

I'll come up with a couple ideas and email them to you. And I'll get to know blogger a bit better.

DKSB said...

Thanks for the feedback guys..

SOP- My wife Amy found that font... I'll have to ask her where. I look forward to seeing your improvements upon my amateurish efforts.