December 7, 2008


Why do the losses still hurt this bad when you are 2-11? I feel like my heart has been dug out of my chest with a garden trowel.


More coherent reactions later, y'all.


Mark said...

When Seneca had that run at the start of the drive, I thought we were going to pull this one out. Or at least kick a field goal to send it into OT.

Regardless, I'm proud of the way our guys played. They had every reason to pack it in and instead they showed up against a veteran playoff team. I look forward to your later, more coherent reaction, but I feel you, mang.

Aaron said...

My condolences, mang. For what it's worth, your team completely outplayed mine. That safety blitz at the end was an act of desperation by Belichick, pure and simple. He knew that if he didn't take a huge risk and try to force a turnover, the Seahawks had plenty of time and were going to march right down and score.

If it makes you feel any better, the Hawks probably put the final nail in the Pat's playoff chances, even without the win. You knocked three more of our defensive starters out. (That's seven altogether, by my count. Jesus.)

Jrock419 said...

Man, I'm looking at this on Wednesday, and it still sux.

Good luck going to the Rams Game if you can!!1