December 14, 2008

Stupid Seahawks! Don't they know they're supposed to lose?

I mean, we all KNOW that higher draft picks are ALWAYS better than the players picked later on, right? Remember the 1998 draft? Remember how much better Ryan Leaf was than that sixth-round fuckstick Matt Hasselbeck? Since this is so simple and obvious, the Seahawks organization must be staffed by drooling mongoloids! Don't they know it's common practice for teams to intentionally lose all their games once they are out of playoff contention? It's a proven strategy that has always worked, particularly in the era of free agency and the salary cap!


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Mark said...

One other thing on the whole draft controversy...If you go down the list of the top five guys, you'll find question marks about each of them.

Matt Stafford - Low completion percentage and accuracy questions;

Sam Bradford - Plays in the spread offense out of the shotgun, and has never had to face a lot of pressure;

Andre Smith - Some question his lateral quickness and think he'll eventually be moved to RT or OG;

Michael Oher - Inconsistent, some people have him falling all the way to the end of the first round;

Michael Crabtree - Not great footspeed, he could be a glorified possession receiver a la Keyshawn.

What if we fell out of the top five? Well, in Malcolm Jenkins and Vontae Davis, you have two shutdown corners with size who could play opposite Tru. Aaron Maybin could be a stud DE that could take finally solidify the line. Eugene Monroe could be the answer at tackle without costing us a top five bonus. Duke Robinson might be the best OG prospect since Hutch.

Bottom line is we're going to get a very good player regardless. Personally, I'm sort of hoping Ruskell trades down and stockpiles some picks.