December 11, 2008

In Defense of Mike Holmgren

You've all read about Coach Holmgren's claim that his overtures to delay his retirement were rebuffed by management, and over on Seahawk Addicts there's a healthy debate about whether The Big Show should return, and/or if Ruskell has done him wrong.

My take? Holmgren is clearly a Hall of Fame Coach, the greatest leader in team history. At the same time, 10 seasons is long enough with any franchise for damn near every coach. This team clearly needs a shake-up, and I think Jim Mora is going to be the right change of pace after the Walrus departs.

If he does come back to coaching in 2010, it's way too soon to speculate about where he'd land, other than I don't think he'll end up coaching the Niners.

I do want to point out that the Hawks have played hard week in and week out despite their awful record. Seeing a 2-10 club scratch and claw as hard as the Hawks did last week is a sign of exceptional coaching.

Not that this is a great team, but a few breaks going Seattle's way over the last few months would mean this team is 7-6 instead of 2-11. The Big Show deserves some credit for how these players have continued to fight long after hope for the playoffs has died.

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