December 1, 2008

The Worst Seasons in Seahawks History

With the season winding down and the debate already starting about who the Hawks should draft next April, it's time to put this wind-blown hellscape of a season in some perspective. Enjoy!

5. 2004 (9-7)
What the deuce??? A playoff season among the worst in Seahawks history? How? Why???

Just step back and ask yourself this: Has any playoff team traumatized its fans more than the '04 Hawks?

-The collapse v. STL at home, blowing a 27-10 lead late in the 4th quarter.
-The mind-melting 43-39 MNF loss at home to Dallas (Hawks blow a late 39-29 lead)
-The home playoff loss to STL, ending with Bobby Engram's dropped TD pass on 4th down.

There's more, but I don't want to make myself cry. Even the positive memories of 2004 have serious baggage. Michael Boulware's game-winning INT return? That came against the one-win Dolphins. That two-point conversion stop to win the division? That came against a playoff-bound ATL squad sitting most of its starters.

I'm wincing just thinking about 2004. Ick.

4. 1994 (6-10)
There were four 6-10 campaigns to choose from in Seahawks history. Why does this one make the cut?

-The Hawks were forced out of the Kingdome by falling tiles, which gave Behring the pretext he needed to try to bolt for L.A.

-The Hawks teased us fans with a 3-1 start, before going 3-9 over the season's last three months.

Low point of 1994?
A 20-17 OT loss to the previously 0-8 Bengals. At home.

3. 1980 (4-12)
I'm too young to remember this season, but it was bad enough that there was a reference on the TV show Taxi to something being as likely as "Seattle winning the Super Bowl." The Hawks were coming off two 9-7 seasons and looked to be on the verge of big-time success... Cripes, in '79 their expansion brothers in Tampa made it all the way to the NFC Champeenship. Why not us??

The even bigger tease? The team started 4-3 before finishing with NINE losses in a row. Fuck. I'm glad I was only five years old that fall.

Low point of 1980?
Thanksgiving day. Dallas 51, Seahawks 7.

2. 2008 (2-10)
Yeah, this year is already almost at the top, and if we end up 2-14 it'll take the top spot. Why? Simply because of the yawning chasm between expectations and results for this team. I know it seems insane now, but back in August this team looked like a true NFC contender. We can talk all we want about the rash of injuries, but it doesn't make this season any less of a clusterfuck and shitpile sandwich.

Low point of 2008?
As scary as it sounds, we might not have seen it yet. For now I'd pencil in the 44-6 plowing we took @ NYG back in October.

1. 1992 (2-14)

Tom Flores. Dan McGwire. Stan Gelbaugh. Ken Behring. These names send a shudder through the souls of every Seahawks fans who endured that awful autumn of 1992. Not much else can be said about it, other than to note that there seems to be a correlation between winning First-term Democratic Presidential Candidates and AWFUL Seahawks seasons...

1976: Carter wins; Hawks go 2-12
1992: Clinton wins; Hawks go 2-14
2008: Obama wins; Hawks are at 2-10 currently.

Side note: The Seahawks have made the playoffs in 3 seasons where a Republican won the election (1984, 1988 and 2004).

The conclusion is clear: Those damn commie socialist demmycrats are out to destroy the Seahawks!

Low point of 1992?
October 11 @ Dallas (27-0)

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