December 21, 2008

Seahawks 13, Jets 3

Project Mayhem and its crew of Space Monkeys finally claimed a victim today, and it was a doozy.

That was one of the most viscerally satisfying regular season wins in team history, instantly vaulting to the top of this list...

Against a team that absolutely had to win in order to keep its playoff hopes reasonably viable, our band of ragamuffins turned in their best performance of the season. The Hawks sent an unreasonably large and loud Qwest Field throng home happy, thanks in part to a couple of typically inexplicable interceptions from Mr. Wrangler Jeans and a pair of coaching moves from "Mangenius" that made you wonder if he bet against his team Chief Wiggum-style

-Down 10-3 early in the 4th, he passes up a makeable FG try from Jay Feely to... Punt. Was he petrified that Feely might remember what happened to him at Qwest back in 2005? If he had gotten three then, this next move MIGHT have made sense.

-Still down 10-3, late in the 4th... Jets face a 4th down from their own 20. Instead of punting and using their time outs to get the ball back, they go for it and fail, handing Seattle a 13-3 lead late in a game being played in blizzard conditions.

And this guy got a cameo on The Sopranos? Cripes.

Holmgren badly outcoached Mangini today, which should have surprised no one. The fact that Seattle has continued playing this hard long after a playoff trip became impossible is the best example of The Big Show's coaching skill.

There's so much great stuff to plow through here...

-The guys in the Hawks Nest who made the snowman... Classic! Overall the Qwest Field crowd was in top form.

-Seneca was once again mistake free, and made a number of perfect throws, including dropping a beautiful toss to JC for the game's only touchdown.

-The defense hounded Favre all day, and contained the Jets formidable ground game.

-Our makeshift O-line, just one notch above what you'd find in a scab game, played beautifully... they kept Wallace upright and gave MoMo just enough daylight to tear through NYJ's front seven over and over again.

Then, there is the shaaaaaaaameful joy...

-Favre aint goin' to the playoffs... nyah nyah nyah! Even if they beat Miami next Sunday, they'd need Buffalo to defeat New England to make the tournament.. That aint happening, y'all. Sweet. Have fun in Minnesota next year, Brett.

-Arizona, you suck balls. I have no doubt we'll beat them next Sunday in Glendale, and send them to the postseason at 8-8, ready to get wiped out by Atlanta in the Wild Card round.

Finally, if you'd rather have had the higher draft choice than these last two glorious wins... well, I'd have to say good day to you, sir. You're severely missing the point of being a fan.

The Penguin says... Go Hawks!

UPDATE: I almost forgot... This was also glorious, sweet revenge for the playoff loss last January at Favre's hands. Mu-ha-ha-ha!!!!!

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Mind of no mind said...

It took 10 years, but I would also call this great payback for Testaverde's phantom touchdown that cost us a playoff spot in 98.