December 15, 2008

RoboCop: Seahawks :: Clarence Boddicker: NYJ

How often does a 3-11 team get to play a game this meaningful?

-The last home game of Mike Holmgren's Seahawks career
-Possibly Holmgren's last game v. Favre (but I wouldn't bet the house on that)
-A chance to kill another team's season.

Seriously. If the Jets lose this game, they aren't going to the playoffs. It'll kill their shot at winning the AFC East (particularly because I see Miami winning @ KC and the Pats taking care of AZ at home), and there's no way the AFC East is going to snag that last wild card slot over Baltimore and/or Indy.

Other than going to the playoffs ourselves, what could be better than sending The Big Show out victorious, gatorade bath and all, in front of a delirious Qwest Field crowd?

It could be better if across the field, Mr. Wrangler Jeans was standing there dumbfounded... knowing his little adventure in NYC was going down in glorious, terrible failure.

Yeah, I'm pretty geeked for this game. How about y'all?

Bonus: an even better (and longer) version of the end of RoboCop:


Aaron said...

Yes, please do me a favor and end the New York Jets' season. Their season rightly should have ended yesterday, if they hadn't been handed a win by the stupidest coach/play call/quarterback combo in the history of the National Football League. (Seriously, second and five, two minutes to go, one first down ends the game, you have 187 yards rushing already, your quarterback is JP Losman, and you think "what the hell, let's throw the ball"????)

By all rights, Brett Favruh and the Jets should be playing out the string. Set the universe right, Seahawks. Knock. Them. Out.

Mark said...

I hate to say it, but we just struggled to beat a terrible Rams team. I think we'll show up to play, but the Jets should win this one. Hope I'm wrong.