December 14, 2008

Seahawks 23, Rams 20

For the third year in a row, the Rams blew a big lead at home against the Hawks. Even in the midst of our lost 2008, Seattle showed heart, guile and dare I say moxie in coming back to win... Even if it was against the historically fecal '08 Rams.

Some quick facts:

-Our third win ensures that this team won't go down as the worst team in franchise history. 1976 and 1992 will remain the only 2-win campaigns in the annals of Seahawk-dom.

-We're actually 3-2 in our division! We can finish 4-2 with a win at AZ in two weeks.

-We have a better record on the road than at Qwest right now, which just ain't right.

What else?

-Bite shit, Josh Brown.

-Seneca Wallace? I'd like you to stick around as Matt's back-up. 89 rating and no picks? I'll take that.

-Can we please find a way to keep MoMo? Pretty please?

-In 2009, DB and J-Carl are going to be Hass's two favorite targets.. Mark it, dude.

-People like to dump on Babs, but there he is again, taking one to the house. Big Play Babs indeed.

-I heard that folks in Seattle had big probs with the Fox-TV signal. Let me
introduce you to my good, reliable friend NFL Sunday Ticket by DirecTV. Woooo!

In conclusion, I think NYJ is walking into a Admiral Ackbar-level trap next Sunday. Also, the first person who bitches about this hurting our draft position is going to get fucking banned for life from this site.

End of line.


Strang said...

Sadly, I have DirecTV and Sunday Ticket in Seattle and still had the problem -- I have to watch the local Fox channel and it was borked like crazy. The RedZone channel would check in periodically at least...

DKSB said...

That sucks. I'm sorry that all my Seattle peeps missed out on part of the game.

Sunday Ticket still rules, though :-]

Alan said...

I live near St. Louis and the game was blacked out, so I went to for a feed. It worked, though obviously not as well as watching it on TV.

Great win today, and I can't wait to go 4-2 in the division and steal some of Arizona's thunder.

Micah said...

You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.