December 16, 2008

God Bless You, Captain Caveman

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Here's a taste:

These are the intellectual midgets who will point out that I, as a Seahawks fan, am only bitter because of Super Bowl XL. To which I say, FUCKING GODDAMN RIGHT. And I will be until the day I die. I’m entitled to this bitterness. It’s what Seahawks fans got instead of a victory parade. Because, you know, some fans cheer for teams that DON’T go to the playoffs every year, some fans DON’T bitch about the offensive line’s play when the team is 11-3, and some fans DON’T still bitch about Kordell Stewart a decade later when other fans suffered through Kelly Stouffer at quarterback.

FUCK YOU, Steelers fans. Fuck your shitty city, fuck your shitty field, fuck your excellent football team, and FUCK YOU.

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gonzhawk said...

No shit-did you know that at the Hooters in Tacoma, every sunday they are literally invaded by a bunch of front running stealer fans who put up banners and such? they put an article in the paper and I about lost my breakfast-I hate them all-and actually I did kind of like them before we got bent over...I hate the raiders, broncs, cowpies, foreskins, dolphans, lambs, terdnals, and 69ners(is that a compliment) but never the stealers..oh well, ps. Hey Detroit, that's what you get you sorry ass fans for siding with the wrong team at SBXL, so SUCK IT-Karma man!! The NFL is evil isn't it? :)