December 31, 2008

Remember, Cardinals... You're Just Borrowing Our Crown.

The Cardinals still have 6500 unsold seats for Saturday's NFC Wild Card Playoff game.

Think about that for a moment. This franchise has not hosted a playoff game since 1947... That's before The Marshall Plan, before the integration of the US military, and before Bobby Orr & Ozzy Osbourne were alive. Yet, they are having a bitch of a time selling the mister-falcon game out.

The Seahawks have hosted eight playoff games in team history... all of them packed to the rafters by the 12th Man. Can you imagine ANY scenario where Seattle would possibly suffer a BLACKED OUT playoff game? I can't.

Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as the team's performance over the second half of the season. Yeah, yeah.. They just beat us. I'll quote W. and Cheney when I reply "So What?" Right now the Hawks are a shell of the team they have been most of this decade, and of the team they will be next year.

In 2009, the natural order of the NFC West will be restored. AZ.. y'all are Denethor to Seattle's Aragon. You're just keeping the throne warm for the inevitable return of the kings.

I will RELISH watching the Falcons blow y'all out of your building Saturday afternoon. Just like Larry Fitzgerald's Baby Mama will, I'd imagine...


Amy said...

Wow, so many dorky pop culture references in such a small package!

JRuss said...

How pathetic that the Cards can't muster enough fan interest to sell out their playoff game immediately.

Then again, maybe the Cardinal "fans" don't want to spend their money in a down economy just to watch their team get a butt-whooping.