August 24, 2009

2009 Milestone Watch: Matt Hasselbeck

Today's signing of Edgerrin James got me thinking: What individual career milestones are in reach for Seahawks players this year? The first installment? Matthew Hasselbeck, along with my guesses on the probability of each event happening this season (all data from Pro Football Reference):

-Seahawks Career All-Time-Leader in Passing Attempts
Trails Dave Krieg by 258 here. Even in 2008, he threw 209 passes. Probability? 95%

-SCATL in Completions
96 completions behind Krieg. Barring injury, he gets this. Probability? 95%

-SCATL in passing yards
2728 yards behind Mudbone. If Hass doesn't throw for that many yards this fall, the team and probably Beck himself are in bad shape. Probability? 90%

-SCATL in Pro Bowl Appearances by a QB
Tied with Krieg at 3... I think he has a shot, but would have to fight through a tough field of NFC QB talent. Probability? 35%

-SCATL in games started at QB
16 behind Krieg. Can tie this mark with a full season, but I think Seneca starts a game or two this year. Tie Probability? 25%

-SCATL in wins as a starting QB
12 behind Krieg. I'm optimistic about '09, but not THAT optimistic. Probability? 20%

-SCATL in TD passes
50 behind David Krieg. Nope, this will have to wait for '10. Probability? 1%

The bottom line? Beck is poised to settle just about every possible argument about who is the greatest QB in team history. We all love Mudbone, but almost all of his career franchise bests are about to fall...

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