August 2, 2009

10 Games I Want to Attend

I've been blessed over the years to see a LOT of awesome Seahawks moments in person... Just peep what I've witnessed up close and personal over the years:

1983: Seahawks beat Pats in regular season finale to clinch playoff berth
1988: Seahawks beat Raiders on MNF
1988: Largent fustigates Mike Harden
1997: Warren Moon throws for 409 yards and 5 TDs in win over Raiders
1999: Win over KC in final Kingdome regular season game
2005: NFC Championship win over Carolina
2006: Tony Romo drops the ball
2007: Wild Card win over DC

I'm not sure what games I'll be attending in 2009, but here's the top 10 games I'd LOVE to see in person:

10. Tampa Bay (Dec. 20)
This one could be a real stinker... UNLESS both teams wear their '76 unis. DO IT!!!!

9. St. Louis (Sept. 13)
Another beatdown of the Rams? Zzzzzzz... However, it's Kickoff Weekend. Qwest will probably be beautifully sundrenched, and everything will be possibility and excitement as a new season begins. I've been to my share of Kickoff Weekend games, and it's always been a blast.

8. Detroit (Nov. 8)
The Lions may be coming to Qwest riding a 24-game losing streak (or, they might still be celebrating a home win over the Rams from the week before)... So why does this game make the list? Julian Peterson and Maurice Morris both return to Seattle, and I hope both get a nice welcome from the 12th Man... until the game starts, of course.

7. @ Houston (Dec. 13)
The Seahawks return to Houston for the first time since 1996, and make their first visit to Reliant Stadium. Since Houston is also my darkhorse pick to represent the AFC in XLIV, this could be a (long-shot) Super Bowl preview.

6. @ Green Bay (Dec. 27)
Any game at Lambeau in December could be a snowglobe-type affair, but this could also be a game both teams need to win to make the playoffs. As Beatrix Kiddo might say, we have some unfinished business with the Pack after the 2007 Divisional Playoff.

5. Chicago (Sept. 27)
A big early-season test for both teams, and Jay Cutler's first start at Qwest Field. Expect a lot of sausage-chomping, artery-clogged Chicagoans to scarf up tix from Craigslist and Stubhub, so us Twelves will need to be extra vocal. Like Alec Baldwin said once on The Simpsons, this time it's personal...

4. @ Indianapolis (Oct. 4)
Let's be honest... even if the Seahawks start 3-0, very few people will take us seriously. Win this one at Lucas Oil Stadium? People will sit up and take notice of us right quick. This is also the one game I'm most likely to go to... Indy is only a 3-hour drive from Columbus. If you're gonna go, make sure you don't buy these seats... Yipes.

3. @ Minnesota (Nov. 22)
The Hawks don't have a nationally televised game on the sked right now, but this game takes place during the first week of "flex games" for SNF. If both teams are in 1st place, the lure of Purple Jesus might just get us on national TV. Plus, as I've said before, the Vikings are emerging as our biggest non-NFC West rival besides Pittsburgh.

2. @ Dallas (Nov. 1)
First of all, I hate Dallas like any red-blooded American. Second, it's our first trip to Jerry Jones' Billion-Dollar Monstrosity. Finally, our guys should want Mel Gibson-quality payback after the beating they absorbed in Big D last Thanksgiving.

1. Arizona (Oct. 18)
This is where we should be on the NFC West food chain:

The only way to get there is over the broken bodies of those usurpers that hold the crown right now: The Arizona Cardinals. Qwest will be rocking, and I'd love to be there adding my piercing shriek to the cacophony of pain that will rain down upon Kurt Warner and Co.

What do you think, sirs?

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