August 7, 2009

Be glad that I'm not running the Seahawks

As it appears Aaron Curry is on the verge of signing a deal and getting into Seahawks camp, it's worth reflecting on who a lot of people (including me) though Seattle should draft a few months ago.

Yup. Michael Crabtree. The guy who is making noise about sitting out the season unless his contract demands are met, and making our rivals to the south appear to have heads full of jello.

Unless you are Bo Jackson, sitting out your rookie year and re-entering the draft is pretty suicidal for your NFL career... combine that with Crabtree's injury problems, questions about his speed and the probability of him engaging in team-killing "divaness," and these are darker days than usual for the hapless Niners.

However, we might be in this mess if I was running the show in Renton... Remember this?

The Seahawks aim to return to the top of the NFC West in 2009. Michael Crabtree is the player most likely to help make that happen in this year's draft class.

Um... Wow. It's good to dig up things like this once in a while, just as a reminder that GMs and coaches have unbelievably difficult jobs, and us fans usually aren't knowledgeable enough to make better decisions than they would.

Unless Crabtree ends up in Niners camp, torches us for the next decade while Aaron Curry ends up doing straight-to-DVD action movies with Jean Claude Van Damme....

Then I'm a genius and Ruskell is a boob.... but I'd rather be wrong and root for a good team.

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Mind of no mind said...

Off topic - They're replaying that Seahawks Chiefs game again tonight on nfl network. I hooked up my vcr (first time in years) and while I was pretty surprised to find out it still works well, I can't get it to go past channel 99, and NFL Network is channel 180 for me, so I have no way to record it. If you still don't have access to the channel, maybe someone else can record it, now that the channel is more widely available in Seattle than it was on Tuesday.