August 13, 2009

Play us off, The Hives

Yeah, I told y'all the Seahawks wouldn't touch Mike Vick with a 10-meter cattle prod. Once again, the Beard is proven right. The dog killer has signed a two-year deal with the Eagles, instantly shredding that organization's good name as far as I'm concerned....

I have to wonder what future Hall of Fame QB Donovan McNabb thinks about all this. They've been trying to run him out of town since he was drafted, but I think he can fend off a challenge from a dude who's primarily been trying to avoid getting shanked for a couple of years. Still, given the caveman mindset of Philly's fans, I expect them to be chanting Vick's name after every McNabb incompletion.

I'm calling it: This will result in the epic implosion of Philadelphia's season. No playoffs, and a nice fat round of firings after we ring in the New Year.

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