August 13, 2009

Bright Green? Screw it. Let's Go For it.

The rumors of a bright green alternate jersey just won't die. I say let's do this. Let's wear these things. Let's buy 'em in bulk. Let's show everyone a sea of Green Apple Jones Soda-loookin' Greenmen at Qwest each home game. Let's blind people. Let's bring on the torrent of hatred from Florio, from Uni Watch, from all corners of "respectable" NFL opinion.

Sure, it would look hideous... but it would be OUR hideous, atrocious, retina-scarring look. Then, when we win wearing them, all those haters, all those naysayers will have to take it. They'll want to look away, but they won't be able to.

Oh my god... I think if this happened the world might collapse into a Vulcan-destroying-esque black hole... Dec. 20... Bucs at Seahawks:

Jeebus... You'd need to have an eyewash station nearby just to watch that game. Let's do it!!!!

1 comment:

Lori Thompson said...

Color me wierd but I LOVE the green.