August 3, 2009


At 5 pm and 9:30 pm pacific time Monday, NFL Network is replaying the 1990 "Krieg to Skansi" game from Arrowhead. Unfortunately I'm without a DVR or NFLN right now, so I'm sending out a call to my minions: Someone PLEASE tape it or burn it onto a DVD for me. I will pay you back for postage of course. If you can do this for me, I will be eternally grateful, an give you mad dap here on the blog. Please contact me on gmail (dksb17) or on facebook and we can work out the details.


tr3pidation said...

There's a chance that if no one can record it for you that you can get a download of it off ten yard torrents later. b

Mind of no mind said...

Damn, sorry man. They were supposed to add NFL Network to the standard package on Comcast starting this month, but for whatever reason, they've delayed it in Seattle. Someone posted on Seahawk Addicts that they called comcast and were told that it would be available on the 4th. Do you know if they'll be showing it again tomorrow or on any other day?

I havn't used my VHS in probably 4 years, but if they add NFL network tomorrow I'd be happy to try and record it if it's on again.

For whatever reason I've been getting NFL network "on demand" for months now, and they have a "local zone" that includes old seahawk games. Right now they have "05 Wk 12-NYG @ Sea" and "2004 Sea v Min". The second one ends tomorrow, and if they replace it with this game, I'll see if I can somehow record it, but I'm not sure if you can record from "On Demand" or not.

low80elco said...

Not sure how to dump it from my DVR to my computer, but it is screening again tomorrow. I will do my best to get it!