August 12, 2009

Let's pack it in, ladies and gents... We're "not interesting."

Hey! All you Axe Body Spray using, sexual harassing, go-for-it sales types who waste the morning listening to "The Herd," here's an important announcement:

You don't know f**k all about the Seattle Seahawks, so shut the f**k up!

Here's what The Schrutebag put on the ol' twitter feed earlier today:

Amanda: Good morning! A question for you twitterites: which teams are least interesting in the NFL? Reply here or at

Some choice responses... feel free to descend upon them with great vengeance and furious anger...

wjrauber @HerdOnESPNRadio Least interesting in the NFL has to be the Seahawks. Too far out there (distance-wise), no great talent, poor division.

cpolicastro @HerdOnESPNRadio The Seahawks...what storyline do they have? Exactly.

Mvorey @HerdOnESPNRadio Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks at the best of times...YAWN!!!

ilovecupcake @HerdOnESPNRadio the seahawks nobody cares!!!

thesportszone @HerdOnESPNRadio Even though they have been one of the better teams over the last 5 years .. the Seahawks not interesting

You know what all of these schmucks have in common? Go look at the profiles pics... What a bunch of dumb f@#kin' honkeys... These jackasses look like they LOVE to read some Tucker Max and then go slip a girl a roofie. I know I'm going nuclear here, but since age 8 I've dealt with ignorant idiots who don't know thing one about the Hawks dismissing them as the "Sea Chickens" or the "Seashits."

What exactly makes a team "interesting?" It's obviously not just winning, because the Seahawks have done plenty of that. It aint just being on the eastern seaboard, because OTHER west coast teams get plenty of media love when they are good (49ers, Chargers, Raiders, Lakers, Dodgers come to mind). Is it winning + having a gaggle of jabbering primadonnas on your team? The Hawks have traditionally been light in that category...

At this point, I'm out of rational explanations. Why do YOU think so many non-northwesterners find the Seahawks "uninteresting?" At this point, I'm about ready to just say people have some weird grudge against/hatred of Seattle.


bleedshawkblue said...

Hit the bullseye on lack of jabbering primadonna douchebaggery. Makes us boring to the jabbering primadonna douchebags of the world. Why so many of them on the East Coast?

Wifey is from NYC and she says it ain't so much there's a high number of per capita douchebags but a high number of wanna bes who are from elsewhere trying to be like people on the East Coast. This would account for the East Coast bias from the rest of Jabbering PrimaDonna Douchebag Nation.

Or JPDN, as they are so prevalent we will just have to call them by name.

DKSB Rulz!!! Nowhere else do I get such intelligent, unvarnished insight.

AH said...

I'm not sure why there is that feeling towards the Seahawks. Obviously, we follow the team, we know of the storylines. If I didn't watch NFC East Live on ESPN, I wouldn't know what the storylines are for the Giants or Cowboys, because I don't care about them.

We aren't considered "interesting" because our best player is an offensive lineman and the biggest media star we have sticks to selling soup and energy boosters. Why this makes us less interesting than the Rams (bland and terrible), Chiefs (mediocre, but do get bonus points for having Cassel I guess?) or Jaguars I don't know.