August 15, 2009

Seahawks 20, Chargers 14

I'll leave the hard core analysis to other sites, but tonight was clearly a satisfying evening for Seahawks fans... A win + no major injuries is about as good as things get in the preseason. These things stood out to me:

-Nick Reed had a monster game with two sacks and a nifty interception. Overall, the defense was stout (with the exception of a still shaky secondary).

-Anyone else think it's a bit soon to hand out the number 37 to another player? Courtney Greene looked very odd wearing it.

-Curt Menefee and Warren Moon were laughably bad in the booth. I think Menefee even invented a new concept: "Defensive Posessions." Wha?

-Anecdotally, it sure seems like female Seahawk fans on twitter are disproportionately smart and pretty. Unfortunately for them, many male Seahawk fans are loud, bearded fatasses.

-You're not fooling anyone, Miracle Whip. No ad can make your disgusting product "hip" or "cool."

-Jeff Rowe has Josh Brown's number AND body.

-It's going to be an extremely difficult set of decisions when it comes to cutting the WR corps down to 5 or 6 guys.

-It's 1:18 am here in Ohio, so I'm off to bed... I'll leave you with this pic of TJH lookin' sharp in his new Seattle duds...


SaraMichelle said...

For preseason, it was a surprisingly decent game. While I agree the secondary is still a rtad shaky, the starting unit certainly didn't do anyhing to make themselves look bad.

As for female Seahawk fans... we're descriminating enough to find the gems hidden somewhere deep inside a miniscule few of the bums. ;)

Eric said...

On my RSS feed this morning, I was looking to see what ESPN would write on the game, and here is what i'm greeted with:

"Tomlinson logs four carries in Charger's defeat"

I mean, COME ON! Are they trying to make it look like we don't even exist? WHAT THE HELL! WHO EVEN CARES ABOUT TOMLINSON ANYMORE!

I suppose I'm going to have to get used to it again. The Sounders coverage has spoiled me.

Anyways, Jones looked good out there, but I really, really missed Weaver in the backfield. PHILY, can we have backsies?

bleedshawkblue said...

Love the performance of Reed - finished second in the award for best Dlineman in the nation to Orakpo. Also, the minus yardage that was a staple of our run game since he-who-shall-not-be-named left and Mack retired was the rare exception rather than the norm. Nice to see those who have the talent AND the work ethic get the carries. The blocking was glorious, mostly, against a very tough San Diego D.

I really like the concept of Defensive Possessions - it means our Defense has the ball, right?

Gems inside of bums? I always knew we grew 'em rich AND pervy here in the Northwest...

And what creative thought by ESPN to make sure nobody knows the Seahawks exist. I can hardly wait to see some more headlines such as "Favre throws 4 interceptions to nobody as Vikings lose."