August 24, 2009

A Hero Will Rise

Most Seahawks fans live in the glorious splendor of the Pacific Northwest, chomping on Tim's Cascade Style Chips and chasing them with Jones Soda while they watch Seahawks preseason games.

Some of us aren't so lucky... we live deep behind enemy lines. People think our 12th Man Flags are some sort of NASCAR thing. We can only get Tim's via the internet (my fave? Creamy Cucumber), and what little people know about our Hawks is usually dead wrong.

The NFL Network has tried to ease the pain of us Expatriated Twelves by airing 3 of our 4 preseason games live... However, this Saturday is the one that NFLN ISN'T showing live. Thankfully, King 5 is. At 5 pm Best Coast time, it's Hawks at Chiefs.

Here is where I am calling upon a loyal Twelve to step up and help all of us outside King 5's range who want to watch the game live. This is a call to arms, my friends!

1. Go check out
2. Figure out how to put a live feed from your TV up on
3. Broadcast the Seahawks/Chiefs game live this Saturday evening.

The more people that do this, the better. If you have the proper set-up and technical know-how to pull this off, your fellow Twelves need you to step up.

Anyone who does will get mad props on this blog.

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Eric said...

I think Gladiators are the Mariners bullpens thing :)