September 20, 2009

49ers 23, Seahawks 10

Why do I do this?

Why did I just shell out $40 to eat shitty food and drink shitty beer just so I could watch the Seahawks make Frank Gore look like the spawn of a torrid affair between Bo Jackson and Eric Dickerson?

Why did I endure the braying jackassery of at least 100 Yinzers just so I could see the Seahawks defense lay out its changesonebowie of ineptitude? Can't stop the run? Check. Can't get off the field on 3rd down? Check. Can't fall on a goddamn fumble? Check.

Why did I grit my teeth through this conversation...

Moron: "Why do you hate Roethlisberger?"
Me: "Because of the Super Bowl, for one."
Moron: "What do you mean"
Me, pointing at my Hasselbeck jersey: "You know, when the Seahawks played the Steelers in the Super Bowl?"
Moron: "When was that?"
Me: "2006."
Moron: "Huh."

just so I could see the nightmarish spectacle of Hasselbeck getting a helmet to the back, followed by his horrifying collapse near the Seattle sideline?

This was one of those days where I seriously question why I do this... It makes NO rational sense to be this emotionally invested in something, anything, that so rarely gives back a proportional amount of pleasure or joy. In fact, it's far more likely that they'll break my heart and put me in an awful mood for the next week. If had half a fucking brain, I'd take up a real hobby and never watch this torturous sport again.

Thankfully for y'all, I say this shit after pretty much every Seahawks loss, and I always come back for more the next week. But.. Fuck... that was a rough day at the office for this particular Twelve.

What say you all?


spoonfulofpeter said...

Injuries played a huge part in this loss. The problem with that is that we won't be healthy for a while. If we can scrap together a couple wins going into the bye week we should make a good run at the end of the season. It's not going to be easy when you lose 11 starting players though.

As far as I'm concerned though, the Niners beat our second string. Come December 6th we'll give em a new taste at Qwest.

One good thing that happened today: The Steelers lost.

Coach Owens said...

Ugh, this is starting to look like a replay of last season. The injuries just keep piling up...

Zem said...

Injuries, lack of discipline, young guys trying too hard and getting out ofm position, and a complete and utter lack of a game plan on offense. Horrible game by Greg Knapp, a friend and I spent roughly six hours last night trying to piece together that game plan and were as befuddled as we were when we watched the game.

What a nightmare.

bleedshawkblue said...

minus 10 starters including a couple of Pro Bowlers and a Hall of Famer and we still only lose by the margin of a pair of blown tackles on Gore?

Pass the Koolaid and settle down, all you Chicken Littles.