September 23, 2009

TV Coverage Map from the 506: Week 3

Week 3 US Pop. with over-the-air access to Seahawks: 31.3 million
Week 3 Percentage of US Pop. with OTA access to Seahawks: 10.2%

Since CBS has the doubleheader again, I'm getting screwed out of watching a Seahawks game at home. If FOX had the doubleheader this Sunday, Seahawks v. Bears would surely be their matchup of choice for the entire midwest.

Instead I've got to trudge to a sports bar where I'll be the lone Seahawks floating in an ocean of Ditka-slurping Bears "Superfans." Maybe I'll wear my Kenny Easley throwback jersey and see if any of these Refrigerator Perry acolytes have any idea who he is...

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