September 12, 2009

I'm on your 6, McDaniels!

I'm ecstatic to announce a new partnership with Field Gulls, THE definitive analytical Seahawks blog in the universe. I've been asked to contribute occassionally, primarily as the "Denver Broncos 17 Weeks of Failure" Correspondent. I'll be checking in with our Denver pals every week and breaking down the myriad ways they manage to simultaneously suck AND blow, as well as updating how that crapulence translates into first round gold for Seattle in 2010.

So stay tuned for updates! DKSB is still my home, but I'll be crashing on Field Gulls' couch a couple nights a week.


Chris Trimis said...

YES! The 2 greatest blogs unite!

Misfit said...

Cool! So you'll be the FG equivalent of Drew Magary though probably with a few less dick-jokes?

bleedshawkblue said...

Excellent! Gaaaaawwwd I needed some perspective from someone who understands the uncontrollable firing of my brainstem concerning all things Seahawkish as well as The Beard does. For a minute I thought the rest of the good sites would drown in the decorum of their analysis. Go Beard! I'm excited to be here for the lauch of your empire!