September 21, 2009

Urge to kill... Rising

I was having a crappy morning already because Facebook was being super buggy.. eating posts, comments, etc. In a bout of frustration I deactivated my DKSB account on facebook... I might be back, might not... I'm still here and on Twitter (DKSB17), and my gmail account is DKSB17 if you want to e-mail me.

Also, Adam Schefter is reporting that Beck has a fractured rib. If he can't go on Sunday, my hopes for a Seahawks win go from probable to questionable to doubtful. Ugh.

In a weird way I really envy the bandwagon fan who can just easily dismiss his "team" when they lose.. They latch on when things are good, slurp out the joy of victory and detach to find a new host at the first sign of trouble. Parasitic, yes.. but also strangely rational.

The Seahawks are like family to me... But a lot of the time they are the parent who forgets your birthday, gets drunk and hits on your girlfriend at a party, and totally spaces out on picking you up from soccer practice. I'm stuck with them, and I hope they get their act together, but it's just as likely that they'll leave Mom for their 24-year-old secretary.



Mind of no mind said...

I know what you mean. All the bandwagon fans can just jump on the Huskies wagon and call this the best Seattle sports weekend in years.

I like the Huskies and want them to win, but I'd trade that win over the Trojans for a Seahawks win in a heartbeat.

brent said...

My thoughts exactly! I was joking telling a friend I wish I could just watch the game and not really care who wins. But, I can't and that's what makes a win so much more enjoyable.

Go Seahawks, Go America!